"On your left."

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I love my skin!

Do you all understand how important this is? Do you? So many dark skinned girls will look at this—or have seen this and will feel, even if by a little, better about themselves. Sometimes all a kid needs is validation from someone who is just a little bit like them in some way or form (you know that word “representation”?) so they can easily believe and SEE they, too, can get to that level of whatever in their life. In this case a girl can say, “hey she’s dark like me and loves her skin. I can too!” It’s one thing for someone in their everyday life to shower them with love and assurance that they’re fine in the skin they’re in, but it’s another thing to actually bare witness to it in the media you consume. It’s not just your mom being nice to you. The world thinks you’re fine the way you are too. This is so important. They need to see women like this everywhere. They need to see themselves saying they love what society says they should hate. They NEED, TO,
SEE, THIS. It’s revolutionary to say you love what you got and didn’t ask for despite the world telling you otherwise. So bless Sesame Street, man. The Whip My Hair bit from Willow and now the loving your skin color bit with Lupita makes them a SUPER important children’s program.

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The progression of video games in a few decades.

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1. Describe a place from your childhood that is special to you. I think my best friend’s old house, the one he had here on Venezuela
2. What was the last present you gave? I believe it was a drawing but I don’t really remember
3. What is your go-to be-sad song? Body Love part I and II by Mary Lambert cause I get way too emotional while hearing it and I just caN’T. HANDLE. 

4. Would you rather design clothes or furniture? Maybe clothes, but it would be cool to design furniture too

5. What is a talent you wish you had? SINGING and I do it all the time but I sound like crap and my sister knows that
6. What is an odd food combination you like? I don’t have one, I think

7. Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep sea diver? Astronaut because SPACE

8. If you could guest star on any show, which show would you pick? Uhh maybe america’s got talent because of all the shit people do there but only if shannon was still there 

9. Would you rather cook or bake? Cook because i’m total crap at using the oven
10. What is your favorite board game? One called Taboo idk it’s really great
11. How much do you like bowling? I LOVE IT but I’m complete garbage at it so bueh

This is the first time I do one of these things so thanks!

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Anyone who wants to tbh!





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no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

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